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AOTA Updates

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  • Sun, April 01, 2012 10:01 AM | Deleted user


    On 4/04/2012 there will be a hearing on H.B. 43, which establishes the Health Care Compact and secures the consent of the United States Congress to return the authority to regulate health care to the states participating in the compact. Establishes the Interstate Advisory Health Care Commission and provides for funding to support the compact.

    On 4/04/2012 there will be a hearing on H.B. 112, which prohibits health insurance coverage of elective abortions unless the insured has paid money for a separate rider. Excludes abortion coverage from being offered in the health benefit exchange by participating health plans.


    On 4/11/2012 there will be a hearing on S.B. 961, which requires health insurers to comply with federal law on and after January 1, 2014 regarding rules established under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Requires health insurers to accept every employer and individual in the state that offers coverage. Prohibits discriminatory premium rates and against individuals on the basis of their health status. Prohibits an insurer from imposing a preexisting condition exclusion.


    On 4/05/2012 there will be a hearing on S.B. 238, which expands the operating structure of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange by, among other things, authorizing the exchange to contract with health insurance carriers in a certain manner, establishing the framework for the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Exchange, and establishing navigator programs for the SHOP and Individual exchanges. Requires SHOP Exchange navigators to be licensed, Individual Exchange navigators to be certified, and insurance producers to be authorized to sell qualified health plans (QHPs) and qualified dental plans (QDPs) in the SHOP and/or Individual exchanges. Establishes a process for selecting the benchmark plan that will serve as the standard for the essential health benefits for health benefit plans offered in the small group and individual markets, both inside and outside the exchange. Requires the Exchange to certify certain dental plans as qualified dental plans and certain vision plans as qualified vision plans. Prohibits the exchange from making available any vision plan that is not a qualified vision plan.


    The next Consumer Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled 4/6/2012. The Consumer Advisory Group has been providing input to staff to ensure the exchange is consumer-oriented, meets Oregonians' needs, and will support ongoing consumer engagement and interest. The next full Exchange Board meeting is scheduled 4/12/2012. The Oregon Health Authority has established the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange Board. The Oregon Health Authority is developing a detailed plan for Oregon's health insurance exchange, based on the Oregon Health Policy Board's recommendations. Agendas are not yet available for either meeting.

    Rhode Island

    On 4/05/2012 there will be a Full Commission meeting held. Rhode Island is drawing upon several different groups to advise and assist with the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The Healthcare Reform Commission (Commission) was established by Executive Order 1/13/2011 by recently inaugurated Governor Lincoln Chafee (I). The Commission, particularly the Executive Committee, will make recommendations and issue reports on the implementation of the PPACA. There are also work groups that are part of the full Commission.


    On 4/03/2012 there will be a meeting on S.J.R. 668, which urges the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to resolve a longstanding Medicare liability owed to Tennessee and all the States for Medicaid.

    On 4/04/2012 there will be a meeting on H.B. 369, which enacts the Health Care Compact. Provides that each Member State, within its State, may suspend by legislation the operation of all federal laws, rules, regulations, and orders regarding Health Care that are inconsistent with the laws and regulations adopted by the Member State pursuant to this Compact. Creates the interstate advisory health care commission.


    The Agency for Human Services adopted rules creating the Vermont Blueprint for Health program. The adopted rules implement changes authorized by Act 128. The Act authorizes the Blueprint for Health (Blueprint) to move from a pilot program to a broadly implemented statewide program. The Blueprint is Vermont's program for implementing a system of health care for patients, improving the health of the overall population, and improving control over health care costs by promoting health maintenance, prevention, and care coordination and management. The Payment Implementation Group will meet 4/4/2012. The Expansion Design and Evaluation Group will meet 4/11/2012.

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